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Expanding Self-Leadership Program

I help companies raise the efficiency and productivity of their team by bringing out the inner leader of their members and equipping them with the needed tools to be resourceful and practical.

I do that by holding a series of interactive group sessions with the team members over a period of time, during which they would learn how to recognize and manage their self-sabotaging thoughts and bad habits, learn what their version of an inner leader is and what their values are and how to bring them out at work and with others.

My services help the most those companies that recognize the value of their team members and wish to bring out their inner strengths and resourcefulness to make them effective leaders.

Now more than ever, many individuals are facing mental obstacles that stand in the way of expressing their self-leadership, which include:

  • Lack of ownership over tasks,
  • Perfectionism and being overly controlling,
  • Procrastination, or
  • Fear of saying no and the unhealthy urge to please.

These mental obstacles and others tend to restrict team members, especially those who have leadership roles or being considered for promotion, from working at peak performance and from meeting their goals and targets at work. This in turn can negatively affect the efficiency of the whole team and their team spirit.

What are the common obstacles that your team members are struggling with?

When your team members are bringing out their inner leaders at work, then they are aware of their inner drivers and inner obstacles and are capable of managing them to work confidently and efficiently. This allows the team to grow harmoniously and gives it a higher chance to achieve its targets.

Through the program's sessions and task work, each participant will discover keys to self-direct and command their energy, engagement and performance as they focus on applying:

  • Proactive Accountability,
  • Awareness of inner negative self-talk and saboteurs,
  • Awareness on Emotional and Positive Intelligence,
  • Awareness of their Inner Leader,
  • Expand their range of inner resources that will help them get unstuck as they move along.

Participants will gain a raised level of awareness, feeling elevated, confident, hopeful, supported, powerful, centered, and ready to lead their lives and their teams in a bigger, fuller, and more human-centered way.

The program works through two equally-important components:

  1. Attending the interactive sessions, which are conducted across a period of time in person or digitally. The length and frequency of the sessions can be tailored based on the availability of the team members, but typically 4 sessions are given over a span of 4 weeks, each being 1.5-2 hours long.
  2. The practical everyday tasks that the team members will be requested to carry out in between the sessions, which will be unique to each participant and which will help deepen the learnings of the program for the participants.

Are you seeking more growth for your team members? Curious how the sessions will take place? I offer a complimentary call, during which:

  • I would give more details or answer any questions you may have on the program.
  • I would advise how best the program can be tailored to suit the needs of your company.
  • I would demonstrate how the sessions will be interactive and the potential gain that will be reaped by the participants.

With nothing to lose, but something to gain, schedule your complimentary 30-minute call now or send a question.