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Group Coaching Workshops

I offer interactive group workshops that give you the opportunity to gain fresh inspiration, new knowledge and a push to make meaningful changes in your life, especially if you are stuck or seeking new experiences or transitions.

  • Workshops may be given in person or digitally.
  • Each workshop has a different theme, related either to work, habits or life. During the workshop, you get unstuck, gain new insights and get motivated towards new action.
  • New topics are added frequently. Come back again to see what is new, or subscribe to my mailing list to be notified of new sessions once they are posted.

Upcoming Workshops:

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Previous Workshops:

If you would like to see one of the previous topics repeated, click on the “Repeat” button. The topic may be repeated if enough interest is received.

17 October 2020 / #7

Self Care During COVID

What is self care? What does your self need during these rough times, when we have to think 5 times before going out or even hugging a friend?

In this session, ensure you’re taking good care of your mind, body and spirit during this COVID period, and explore if you need to make any changes to be more balanced.

3 October 2020 / #6

Uncover your Values

Learn what are the values that are driving your decisions on a daily basis, and lean on them to make those tough choices.

15 August 2020 / #5

Authenticity – An Angle to Peace of Mind in Life

(Co-lead with Valerie Bennett)

Have experiences in work and life that are more aligned with your authentic self, and get another angle on gaining peace of mind.

8 August 2020 / #4

Baby Steps for your Big Project

Look at the big picture and dive into the small practical steps that you could start doing today to get you closer to your goal, one small step at a time.

1 August 2020 / #3

Good vs Bad Habits

Get rid of unwanted habits, or pick up more valuable practices.

25 July 2020 / #2

Productivity vs Procrastination

Lean more into the productive voice than the procrastinator.

18 July 2020 / #1

Love / Hate your Job

How to work with the parts that you do not like about your job.

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