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Private 1:1 Coaching

I help you manage your stress, avoid a burnout, and live a better life. I do that by having private sessions with you over a period of time, to bring in more purpose and balance in work, relationships, health, growth, and interests.

My services would benefit you the most if you are stressedanxiousmentally overwhelmed, or having feelings of discomfort, coming up from:

  • being overwhelmed with work or responsibilities, or
  • living and working without a sense of purpose, or
  • trying to start or finish a project but you are stuck, or
  • being part of an unhealthy relationship, or
  • dealing with a divorce or an emotional break-up.

If that is true for you, and you do NOT make any changes, can you imagine yourself one year from now? Where would you be and what could you be missing out on?

Taking charge and living with a peaceful mind can be expressed in different ways, but generally it is achieved when:

  • you are aware of your needs, your passions, your values, your life purpose, and your long-term vision, and you act and make decisions based on them; and
  • you are aware of your inner negative thoughts that try to hold you back, and you can manage them and reduce their effects.

In real life, this can translate into many things, including you:

  • Living with an unburdened mind.
  • Making decisions without confusion.
  • Being productive and efficient at work or your projects.
  • Having the power to pursue your goals and dreams.
  • Having a healthy balance in and between work, relationships, health, growth, and interests.


  • It does not mean that your responsibilities will disappear, but rather you will be able to manage them better and not be burdened by them all the time.
  • It does not mean that your dreams will come true overnight, but rather you will have the knowledge to set a roadmap that works for you and will have the power to commit to the effort that is needed.
  • It does not mean that you will gain extra hours in your day to do more, but rather you will be able to prioritize and give time to what is important to you at any given moment in your day.
  • It does not mean that you will be happy all the time, but rather you will be confident and empowered in the face of any challenges or events that come your way.

As part of the coaching journey, you would:

  • learn more about yourself,
  • learn what your own purpose, values, passions, and beliefs are,
  • recognize how your values and beliefs affect your decision-making,
  • prioritize and reshape your values and beliefs to suit your long-term vision,
  • explore the inner sabotaging thoughts that usually hinder you,
  • learn how to manage the sabotaging thoughts,
  • see things from new angles,
  • come up with important realizations about your topics,
  • find solutions based on the bigger picture of your life, not just the immediate circumstances, and,
  • most importantly, experiment and apply all the knowledge and tools gained during our sessions on your day-to-day life, in favor of your long-term vision.

Can you imagine how life could be for you if you are taking charge and living with a peaceful mind, knowing that you can achieve anything you want or reshape any part of your life or your work?

Typically, the coaching journey consists of two parts:

  • First, our private sessions. This is where:
    1. We explore your topics
    2. You get new realizations and learnings
    3. You commit to action steps
  • Second, the time in between our sessions. This is where:
    1. You bring the action steps to life
    2. You observe how the action steps are making a difference
    3. You get more clarity on what more is needed to get your closer to your goals

Feeling stressed? Feeling stuck? Feeling curious? I offer a complimentary 1-hr session, during which we would either:

  • Start resolving what is causing you to be stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed; or
  • Remove the confusion around a choice you have to make, and empower you to make it with confidence; or
  • Start exploring what your values, which unconsciously influence your decisions, are; or
  • Start exploring what you want your life purpose to be, based on what makes you feel alive; or
  • Uncover some of the inner negative thoughts that hinder your progress, and give you tools to manage them.

With nothing to lose, but something to gain, schedule your complimentary 30-minute call now or send a question.